Since Summer 2019 we work at the Sacred Voyage with a new plant medicin combination: Voyahuasca. It combines the best of two worlds: the vine Caapi (first ingredient of Ayahuasca) and psylocibine (truffles) and is 100 % legal. The voyage of the combination of mao-inhibitor and psylocibine lasts about 5-10 hours. A psylocibine voyage lasts only 4-6 hours. So the mao-inhibitor makes the voyages last longer and makes it deeper.  It's a magical combination reconnecting you again with your magical child and creativity. And of course also you feel bodily sensations and releases of emotions and blockages.

Compared to Ayahuasca no diarrhea. 



The music in these retreats will be totally different from our Ayahuasca retreats. The    music is magical, deep and with dreamstate tunes. Lars has searched for thousands of hours to the right music for these cereremonies. And it will take you smooth and deep into your voyage. 


In the short film we have made, we captured also experiences of the first voyagers with Voyahuasca. So see for yourself! (it will soon be published here as well) 


Lars and Tanja will facilitate these retreats and of course also our ceremonial leaders. Check our calendar for dates. 

If you are interested for 15-17 November please have your spot reserved here (guided by the both of them):






















What is Voyahuasca?





Experiences of Voyagers




In this film we explain what Voyahuasca is, what the experiences were from Voyagers, who the trainers will be and when it will be facilitated.