“Our way of working is guiding people lovingly to the depths of their soul. Our life’s work is to support people in (re)discovering their essence and bringing it to life.”

Ayahuasca ceremony coaches 

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People who choose to go on a voyage with The Sacred Voyage are opting for a professional organisation with 18 years of experience working with inner child processes, transformational and Trauma Release Breathwork, Heartdancing® and plant medicines.

We have worked with and facililtated retreats with plant medicines like ayahuasca, psilocybine, iboga, peyote and San Pedro in the 18 years of our existence. The focus during a voyage is personal self-investigation and processing trauma within a safe setting. In the past 18 years we have facilitated ceremonies and  a complete program to support the work with plant medicine. Deep and thorough preparation with Trauma Release Breathwork, Heartdancing, sharing and of course integration at the end of the retreat.

Since 2024 we facilitate once a year a 5 day retreat with plant medicine in Portugal. We have stopped facilitatiing plant medicine retreats in The Netherlands since January 2024.

We now focus on teaching others how to create a safe and therapeutic setting for inner child work, Trauma Release Breathwork and plant medicine ceremonies. We started teaching others since 2013. How to use several tools and techniques and to provide a loving, professional and safe space, where all is welcome. 

Interested in going on a safe voyage within a therapeutic setting with Plant Medicine?

The type of 'therapy' we work with is best understood in reference to the original Greek meaning of “becoming whole”. Reaching your potential as a human being. During most our retreats and ceremonies, breathwork and working with the medicinal plant combination Voyahuasca is central, but we employ multiple work forms and methods to prepare for the ceremonies and support you in your process.

We know how to support people in their most vulnerable core. On top of that, we also understand when its best to leave you alone. We have been doing this since 2005, for 15 years now, and have a team of 65 guides/assistents, ceremonial leaders & trainers working with us. We know what you’re going through, because we’ve been through it ourselves.

We are proud and grateful of being able to assist you with both our words and our actions in this incredibly powerful and vulnerable process. Coming from a place of love, trust and companionship. Everything is done at one of our beautiful locations, in which you can embark on your inner voyage in a supportive, safe and loving environment.

Since 2024  we facilitate retreats with plant medicine only in Portugal, no longer in The Netherlands.  

We now focus on teaching others in our international Soul Coach / Plant medicine facilitator courses. 

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The healing power of The Sacred Voyage

This documentary Rebirth of the Soul covers our methods (of inner child work) and way of working since 2005. Even though this documentary doesn't show the plant medicine ceremonies, we do facilitate them. We have a lot of experience in working with Ayahuasca (since 2005) which is officially forbidden in the Netherlands since 1 October 2019. So we don't work with this medicine in Holland anymore. In the Netherlands we work with Voyahuasca since Summer 2019.

The Soul Coach International Training

In the certified international Soul Coach training you learn how to become a facilitator in plant medicine ceremonies, in breathwork and tools for inner child work. Watch the trailer of our   

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Also called The Pilgrimage to the Soul, the road inwards - to your own, pure essence. This book (English) explains how to prepare for and embark on your Voyage with mind-expanding substances such as Ayahuasca.

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