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We strongly believe in spreading our life's work free of charge. In a world where in most country's working with medicine plants is considered illegal, at least you have a book that helps you to understand how to safely prepare and Voyage into the unknown healing states of consciousness.


So feel free to download, read and spread our work. More of Lars'

books are being translated at the moment, and will

be uploaded once finished. 















The Sacred Voyage - Lars Faber


Also called The Pilgrimage to the Soul, the road inwards - to your own, pure essence. This book explains how to prepare for and embark on your Voyage with mind-expanding substances such as Ayahuasca.





CD Lady Ayahuasca


Magical new album produced by Lars Faber and friends. This album creates a beautiful atmosphere that takes you deep into the world of Ayahuasca.


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CD Lost Inner Worlds


Lars spent almost ten years working on this form of chakra meditation. This active meditation is often in our ceremonies with Ayahuasca and helps you to relax and open for the divine energies.

Chakras are opened one at a time thanks to the beautiful sounds and powerful musical stories. This musical adventure will take you on a journey to seemingly long-lost worlds. You start your journey in the jungle, the womb of life, where you rediscover your primal power. A shaman takes you to a hidden temple, where you discover your sexuality, your heart and passion.


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into your Lost Inner Worlds

Chakra CD 


composed, produced & played by Lars Faber

(with his musical friends playing on the CD as well)